Why One Lux at Five Hundred Metres is Relevant

A popular measure of driving lights, “one lux at a distance” refers to how far the light from your driving lights will reach, with 1 lux being generally accepted as enough light to read a newspaper by. Easy to understand and reliable, one lux at a distance has become the benchmark on which we measure new products.

Sometimes we get asked the question "although your HTX can deliver one lux at over 1.7km, I don’t need that kind of distance – so why not simply buy a cheaper light that is one lux @ 500m?"

The reason you want lights with more distance isn’t necessarily because you need to see that distance – it’s about the quality of light that you get at the distance at which you do need to see.

For example, if one pair of lights produces one lux @ 500m, and another pair produces one1 lux @ 1.7km, the difference in the quality of light at 500m is staggering.

One lux @ 500m is enough light to read a newspaper… but a pair of our Lightforce HTX produce 11.5 lux @ 500m – that means a pair of Lightforce HTX lights will provide around as much light and visibility at 500m that roadway lights generally provide on an expressway. Thanks to the combination of LED lights for their instant flood effect, and HID to cut through the night at extreme distances, a pair Lightforce HTX are engineered to eliminate the need for any other LED bars or spotlights on your vehicle.

Whether you are overlanding through the desert with your family or transporting freight on a long-haul drive, we believe that more light = more time = more safety.

Master your environment and travel easily along dark roads or through off-road terrain with the knowledge that you have enough visibility and reaction time to safely see more adventure!