hid remote mount hunters light
hid remote mount hunters light

HID Remote Mounted Shooters Lights

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The Lightforce range of remote mount Xenon HID lights are made from lightweight composite polymer construction for extreme strength and durability without the heavy weight associated in metal lights.


  • 1 x HID Remote Mount shooters light

Factory fitted remote mounted Xenon HID lights are designed for mounting onto Lightforce remote control handles RC150/RC225 or can alternatively be fitted directly to a fixed mounting position. The external ballast is conveniently mounted to a laser cut stainless steel bracket that is affixed to the base of the light making the complete unit extremely well balanced and easy to install.


• Bulbs have been designed by Lightforce exclusively for use with our parabolic reflectors. These unique bulbs reduce the shadow "V" line common in after market kits
• XENON HID bulbs used in these kits have been specially manufactured to match the relevant ballast outputs 
• Colour rendering availble 4200K, 5000K & 6000K (alternative Kelvin temperatures can be specially made to order)
• Ballast are pre mounted to a stainless steel bracket located directly to the back of the light
• Ballasts fully comply with Australian standard AS/NZS CISPR 15: 2006 for electromagnetic radiation interference
• Fully sealed and water resistant compact slim-line ballast
• Waterproof connectors provided
• Available in 35w, 50w and 70w

70w ballast is now upgraded to a Fast start (12v only) reaching 100% intensity in 3 seconds (previous model 100% intensity was reached at 8 seconds).


  • 12 volt (Fast Start only available on 70 watt models) 
  • Input voltage 9 – 16 volts                      
  • Operating voltage 12.8 volts DC (typical)
  • Amperage draw @ 12.8 volts DC - 70w ~ 5.5 amps                                          
  • Recommended operating temperatures (ambient):
  • -40°C to +40°C Maximum
  • -40°F to +104°F Maximum
  • Lumen output 50 watt 5000 lumens, 70 watt 6400 lumens                                                 


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